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Advertising That Goes Astray?

If you follow the debate on the use of personalized advertising, two topics keep coming up: Cookies and >span>  artificial intelligence (AI). While cookies are the technical basis for the delivery of personalised advertising, the AI aims to optimise advertising. In this context, the question arises as to what targeted advertising on the Internet should look like in the future, as cookies are gradually becoming obsolete.

In addition, the use of cookies is becoming increasingly difficult, because "Browser manufacturers have discovered the issue of data protection for and are now actively blocking the use of 3rd party cookies" (BVDW: why "Advertising Identity" is the future response for targeted delivery of advertising, November 2019). In addition, the legal basis provides that users must be offered the possibility to switch off cookies with a single click. If cookies are to be a thing of the past in the future, the question arises as to how the systems used in AdTech (Advertising Technology) can optimise advertising by means of AI/Machine Learning (ML) and direct it to individuals or specific target groups. Panel Salon Creative 10 The discussion in the panel served to exchange future-oriented strategies. In conclusion, the interaction between tracking service providers and advertisers, among others, will remain indispensable in the future. The challenge here is to find a technological way to personalise advertising while preserving privacy. Stefano Viani: "Advertising should be helpful, that is, offering products and services according to my actual needs. There is a need for consumer education in this area. Often they are not aware that the personalization of advertising is intended to prevent us from being flooded with inappropriate offers. For this it is necessary to recognize the user in an anonymous form. If artificial intelligence is added to this for the control of advertising, the consumer has the feeling that he has completely relinquished control over his private life." Consequently, the use of AI, its functionality and optimization must also be reconsidered.

Salon Creative VianiViani clearly sees the use of AI as a way to keep people in the strategy development. AI can assist in the implementation of advertising, but it is up to the individual to assess, evaluate and, if necessary, rethink this strategy. Also with regard to the creativity aspect, the human being remains responsible: "Creativity, emotions and the development of interesting messages remain with the human being, in my opinion. Production, optimization and control of advertising media and campaigns will change under the influence of AI," says Viani.

Where the journey finally goes, cannot be answered here. However, platforms on which users and consumers can register to configure individual advertising according to their interests are in the starting blocks. With the provider netID the user can inform himself about where and by whom his data is stored and if necessary delete it via his personally created login. This confronts the user with his surfing behaviour and sensitizes him with the data that the system stores using his surfing behaviour. At the same time the topic of relevance is covered.

Written by Lisa Kleffner on Feb 28, 2020 1:35:59 PM