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Another Addition to the Social Media & Content Team

Matthias Föckeler is trainee number two and since mid-November one of the chicks in the team. Whereby: At 34 years of age no longer quite a chick, the self-proclaimed all-rounder brings with him very different professional experiences: Whether as journalist or Texter for different on-line formats within the nourishing range, its love for the language accompanies the studied sport and nourishing scientist already its whole life. To make complicated understandable, is thereby one of its favourite tasks. In a charming way, he also garnishes dry topics with the necessary spice.


In his spare time, he likes to stay off the computer whenever possible. Unless there is an exciting documentary or a good film. But it may also be creative from time to time: Handicrafts are clearly his secret passion. But it is also very important to him to spend time with his loved ones outside in nature or relaxing at home.

Written by Anett Michael on Nov 27, 2019 11:12:00 AM