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Matthias Föckeler

Mit einem Faible für Sprache und kreative Wortakrobatik unterstützt Matthias Föckeler als Trainee das Team Social Media und Content. Während seines sport- und ernährungswissenschaftlichen Studiums und danach schrieb er bereits für unterschiedliche Onlineformate und überzeugt vor allem mit seiner Fähigkeit, komplexe Sachverhalte verständlich und charmant zu verpacken. Zum Ausgleich verbringt er seine freie Zeit entspannt im Kreise seiner Liebsten oder tobt sich kunsthandwerklich aus. Besonders Holz, Metall und das Spiel mit verschiedenen Farben stehen dabei im Vordergrund.

With a penchant for language and creative word acrobatics, Matthias Föckeler supports the Social Media and Content team as a trainee. During and after his studies in sports and nutritional science, he already wrote for various online formats and is particularly convincing with his ability to package complex issues in an understandable and charming way. To balance this, he spends his free time relaxing with his loved ones or indulging in arts and crafts. Especially wood, metal and the play with different colours are in the foreground.

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New Game, Familiar Face

Written by Matthias Föckeler on Aug 4, 2020 2:39:48 PM

Fresh Breeze in the Hamburg Office

Corona crisis? No reason for us to bury our heads in the sand. Be even nicer if we were intimidated by it. Right now, we're putting the brakes on: Our agency in Hamburg has a new member. Finally the 'Nordlichter' have a fresh trainee in their team. It's about time, after the Göttingen team presented a good performance last year.

At the beginning of July Luisa Igney landed at the Blackbits - again! An earlier internship seems to have left a positive impression on her as well - she is not the first to return after an internship. Of course, this has long been noted as a big compliment in our secret diary! But back to Luisa:

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What Should a Cookie Banner Look like Today?

Written by Matthias Föckeler on Jun 22, 2020 11:26:53 AM

Current ruling of the BGH

Not only since the DSGVO came into force in 2018 the question of the design of legally compliant cookie banners has led to some question marks. But especially as a website or shop operator it is essential to be on the safe side at this level. Anyone who does not want to run the risk of being warned for formal errors is faced with the task of implementing the current guidelines as quickly as possible.

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Virtual Fair: Win and Inspire Customers

Written by Matthias Föckeler on May 19, 2020 10:44:40 AM

How Companies Take New Paths in the Crisis

Extraordinary circumstances require new ideas and a change of direction. Clearly, this is a new case for Team Blackbit!

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New Power in the Project Management Team

Written by Matthias Föckeler on May 15, 2020 12:29:24 PM

Gabi Hebenstreit is the new power woman at the Blackbits and supports the project management team with heart and mind since April 2020 - by the way, a women's bastion in our house! #powerwomen

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Website-Relaunch Made for and by Blackbit

Written by Matthias Föckeler on May 14, 2020 12:24:33 AM

Our Method for an Outstanding User Experience 

It is beautiful, our new agency homepage, there is already a little bit of pride in it! Note to the developers and designers: Great job! A little praise to us is allowed at this point, because after the hard work for our new location in Kiev, our newly designed website finally sees the light of day. And it was a great effort to realize this relaunch beside our daily job.

Of course, the relaunch is not just for the sheer joy of it: one could rather say it is a milestone that now transports our internal development to the outside world - yes, that's actually very good! 

We have developed further, are taking the next step into the digital future and want you to experience what we mean by outstanding user and brand experience. A simple and noble Responsive Design meets content-rich and well-organized content. Of course we remain true to existing values and continue to place people as users, our business partners and employees at the centre of our actions. All this, wrapped up in a new garment in our corporate design, promises to be a successful start into an exciting and thrilling future!
What we want to express with our fresh website and what technical innovations are behind it, we will be taking a closer look at in a small series of articles in the near future:

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High scalability and flexibility at website level with Pimcore

Written by Matthias Föckeler on Apr 1, 2020 5:41:20 PM

In the course of the website relaunch of the hotel to the north, our client HRG Hotels from Berlin had concrete ideas and requirements, which required a good portion of creativity from our development team. A challenge that we gladly accepted!