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Paul Vetter

Paul Vetter

Paul writes sometimes colorful-creative, sometimes purely factual customer and target group-oriented texts. Whether on or offline, for the blog, in fast-moving social media or for corporate publishing of inventory as well as marketing concepts that simply convince.

Relevance Pays Off: The Nuts and Bolts of SEA and SEO

With Blackbit you will be found - thanks to SEA and SEO service.

When we search for something – whether information, service or product– we use Google. The search engine not only knows our search terms, but also knows better and better what we actually want to find.

The direction of the flow of information in advertising has changed fundamentally. Fewer and fewer people watch TV and are reached by TV advertising that supposedly has a wide reach. Fewer and fewer are turning onto this communicative one-way street. Instead, people are surfing online in search of specific information.

Blackbit x Viani: Nomination for German Digital Award 2021

Deutscher Digital Award 2021 - Blackbit is on the shortlist!

It's getting exciting! With one of our most ambitious projects, we are currently on the shortlist for the Digital Award 2021 in the Visual Design category.

After Blackbit already received the Shop Usability Award 2016 as "Most Innovative Shop" for the Viani website in 2016, a lot has happened. Technical innovations, new trends and developments in e-commerce and in the food industry, and last but not least COVID-19 have had an enormous impact on online retail and generated unexpectedly high growth rates.

Fitstore24: Fit for the run on sporting goods thanks to Pimcore

Optimized online shopping thanks to Pimcore and redesign

Fitstore24 easily coped with the huge rush for products related to sports and fitness during the first lockdown: made fit with new functions and a Pimcore system for processing, the sports mail order company in its new design was able to unexpectedly book a large number of orders and easily manage the data volumes that arose.

Whether it was e-bikes or yoga mats, jump ropes or running shoes, everything to do with physical activity was more than in demand in Digital Commerce during the initial closures due to Corona and the period that followed. People were pushing outdoors, devoting themselves to running, cycling, hiking and many other outdoor activities. The appropriate accessories could not be missing. Closed stores led customers in search of information and a wide range of products to the online stores.

Google Reviews as a growth factor in e-commerce

Google reviews: Use what your customers write about you.

Google's rating tool influences many purchasing decisions on the Internet - and Google ratings are also playing an increasingly important role for companies in purely offline retail: positive ratings improve the ranking on Google results pages. Your own business therefore increasingly depends on what your customers write about you and how they rate your service.

Positive Google reviews from satisfied customers are quickly convincing and ensure new customers in the long run. Because good reviews from other buyers are often more effective than any self-promotion, as they are perceived as authentic recommendations that reflect real experiences of real people. In many respects, positive Google Reviews are therefore the best thing that can happen to your own business. From all kinds of online stores to service providers in various industries to local businesses like the food delivery service around the corner - everyone benefits from positive reviews.

Helping helpers: Blackbit supports the Rückenwind project

Blackbit provides the digital infrastructure for the Project Rückenwind.

The Rückenwind project stands by students who have lost touch in class due to the Corona pandemic. As one of the project's sponsors, Blackbit is particularly proud of their successes.

Prolonged school closures, new forms of instruction and a lack of digital infrastructure did not make it easy for many learners during the Corona pandemic. Home schooling by parents, some of whom work full time, and new forms of digital and self-directed learning left gaps in knowledge and exacerbated already existing inequalities among students. The Rückenwind project is doing something to counteract this.

Blackbit makes three: BVDW certification as SEA quality agency

SEA quality agency wanted? With Blackbit they have found you.

Congratulations! For the third year in a row, Blackbit has received certification from the BVDW. The increased requirements for certification in 2021 increase its significance.

The German Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW) once again certifies Blackbit as an SEA quality agency. The SEA Quality Certificate attests to agencies' requisite knowledge and proven professionalism in the field of search engine advertising.
In order to receive the certification, the search engine experts at Blackbit had to undergo an examination. A neutral committee evaluated their work under the criteria of working methods, customer satisfaction, experience and commitment.

Überbrückungshilfe III - the state sponsors your digitization

Apply for Überbrückungshilfe III for your marketing and advertising costs.

Since February 10, 2021, you as an entrepreneur can apply for the so-called Überbrückungshilfe III. Among other things, investments in advertising and marketing are eligible for reimbursement. What you need to know now:

To support the economy in times of Corona, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as well as the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Ministry of the Interior for Construction and Home Affairs provide a new possibility of financial support. Since the afternoon of February 10, 2021, you as an entrepreneur can apply for your application for the government support of a maximum of € 1.5 million per month.

Blackbit grows internationally: Business greetings from Kiev!

View from our Kiev office

Our first international location is growing in Kiev, right in the middle of the vibrant innovation park UNIT.City and in good neighborhood with many international IT and tech companies that are benefiting from the national spirit of awakening in Ukraine.

If growing were so easy, everyone would do it. But international growth in particular is associated with unexpected challenges and new requirements. Business is pressing, but government agencies and authorities are setting the pace, and not just in Germany.