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Online and Offline in the Fast Lane: Bikeleasing Service Celebrates Successful Business Year

Cycling to work in a sustainable, stress-free and healthy way - the Dienstrad concept is becoming increasingly popular. Our partner and customer Bikeleasing-Service GmbH & Co KG also benefits from this trend. The provider from Uslar has greatly expanded its team this year and has been able to make a name for itself as one of the top providers of bicycle leasing with its reliable service and attractive conditions for bicycle dealers, companies and employees.

As the supervising agency, we support Bikeleasing especially in online marketing: This year, for example, we provided the company with a newly designed, search engine-optimized website that clearly presents the Dienstrad advantages for all target groups. To increase digital reach, we also support bike leasing in social media marketing and place ads in the search engine environment.

Blackbit bei der Weihnachtsfeier von Bikeleasing-Service

To celebrate the successful business year in a fitting manner, Bikeleasing has invited its team to an enjoyable day at Phantasialand. As part of the team, the service provider also counts its most important business partners - so nine Blackbits were also present at the Christmas party. At a champagne reception, the team members from the various divisions and companies were able to get to know each other better. The achievements of the year were reflected upon and gifts were distributed.

Phantasialand Achterbahn – Weihnachtsfeier BikeleasingAfterwards, we made the amusement park unsafe and tried out the most adventurous rides. The day came to a relaxed end with dinner together, where we danced away the calories of the feast with good music immediately afterwards.

Many thanks to Bikeleasing for the wonderful day together and once again congratulations on a great year! We are already looking forward to making the next business year even more successful.

Weihnachtsfeier Bikeleasing-Service im Phantasialand

Written by Anett Michael on Jun 9, 2020 10:43:05 AM