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Pimcore Enterprise Subscription: Blackbit Offers Exclusive Features

As part of the new Certified Enterprise Subscription Integrator program, Blackbit now offers exclusive Pimcore products - also for your company.

Blackbit is part of the new Certified Enterprise Subscription Integrator program

With the launch of the Certified Enterprise Subscription Integrator program, Pimcore opens up exclusive access to Pimcore Extensions for further marketing and use to a limited group of agencies and other users.

As one of the first partner agencies to meet all the requirements for inclusion in the program, we at Blackbit are particularly excited to now enjoy full access to all Pimcore products and services.

With the Pimcore Enterprise Subscription, we are entering the enterprise world of Pimcore and can get the most out of Pimcore for our customers.

Legally compliant: Enterprise-friendly license

Otherwise open source, the source code of your Pimcore-based solution or application is fully protected under the Certified Enterprise Subscription. All legal risks due to the licensing terms of the open source GPLv3 license are thus eliminated.

Service-oriented: Support and LTS versions

Reduce your Pimcore TCO and increase your ROI by getting security patches e.g. for older Pimcore versions. Benefit from legacy compatibility features and exclusive SLA-backed technical support for your Pimcore solution.

Exclusive features and extensions: Pimcore Enterprise Extensions

We equip you with all the Pimcore Enterprise Extensions that benefit your business - including:

  • The new Pimcore Experience Portals that let you embed product info in real-time in easy-to-use PIM and DAM portals.
  • Latest automatic product data syndication features that let you sync your offering with marketplaces like Amazon, Google Shopping feeds and many more.
  • Adobe and Microsoft integration that allows you to directly access images, videos, and content within Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office.
  • Translation Management for automated translation workflows in managing your multilingual content.
  • REST APIs for connections to other systems and front-end applications, and much more.
Discover the extension of your choice now and get in touch with us! We will be happy to advise you and find the extension for your Pimcore together with you.