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Concentrated Digital Commerce Know-How for Our Customers

In times of digitalization and the associated changing customer requirements, many companies find it difficult to focus on the essential and to keep up with current developments. In order to support companies even more effectively in the future in the successful development of their online business, we have brought Alexander Bretfeld into the team.

Alexander Bretfeld is Digital Consultant at Blackbit

Over the past seven years, our new addition has gained extensive experience in the fields of digital commerce and online marketing and most recently managed the online shop of a leading German Apple dealer. Whether social media, content marketing, search engine advertising or marketplaces - as a generalist, Alexander Bretfeld has an overview of the instruments and possibilities of online marketing and can combine these into effective strategies. From our Berlin office, he is now available to advise Blackbit customers, identify development potential and help them to successfully compete in the digitalized market. As a counterbalance to the fast-moving digital world, the Potsdam native enjoys cycling, playing the piano or travelling with his family in his free time.

Written by Anett Michael on Aug 29, 2019 3:48:56 PM