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Curiosity Turns Into A New Start - Welcome, Mario!

Actually, Mario was our new intern in project management, but it quickly became apparent that Mario's inquisitiveness and perseverance are welcome qualities for the challenging job between clients and team of a rapidly growing digital agency.

New addition to the Blackbit team: Project Manager Mario RempeHis open nature and constant motivation to learn something new every day are the best prerequisites for the varied job as a mediator between all those involved in a project. Mario reliably masters the control of various communication channels, the sensible and efficient linking of tasks of our tribes as well as the conscientious control and - if necessary - also the repair of work processes. As a result, he quickly became a trusted colleague who enables us to run our work processes smoothly.

He has already acquired the necessary stamina as a racing cyclist, soccer player, triathlete and runner. His sure instinct and the necessary patience teach him to ride and handle horses as well as to take care of his garden.
Here's to thriving, Mario - it's good to have you!