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Datadog - a trusty friend in hosting

Datadog bundles the monitoring and performance analysis of various cloud applications in one platform. Find out here why Blackbit is integrating the service into its hosting offering in the future.

The French service provider Datadog specializes in companies whose business is based on complex cloud applications. The software company uses its software solution to monitor subsystems such as servers, databases, tools and other services in real time. Causes and interactions of simple, but also highly complex, system malfunctions are more easily identified and specifically remedied with the help of the Datadog dashboard.

Datadog monitoring is included in Blackbit hosting service

Designed for devs and admins

Because unlike competitor monitoring solutions, Datadog is focused on presenting all the tools and services needed for development and smooth operation. This specialization follows from the history of the French service provider. The founders developed their product primarily to generate visibility across teams and to give developers and system administrators a common database as a basis for action.

Because Datadog enables monitoring of the digital infrastructure of projects that are already live, it is particularly suitable for becoming part of the Blackbit Hosting Service. This is because the sooner irregularities can be identified and traced back to a cause, the faster they are usually resolved. Datadog allows immediate reactions, especially because individual alarm messages or notifications as well as complex alarm logics can be set up. Notifications are sent via email, Slack or other preferred channels, for example.

Optional application monitoring in hosting

In addition to the basic package, our hosting customers can also order application monitoring for a fee. Operators of online stores, for example, benefit particularly from this add-on, as they can see live in an integrated display what the reasons are when purchasing processes come to a standstill. Individual functions from product search to payment processing and all the systems that support them can be viewed. But that's not all: even the history of irregularities and what measures were taken to rectify them can be easily traced thanks to case-specific documentation.

Apart from troubleshooting, Datadog can also serve a healthy system for additional optimization. For example, if individual servers, databases or tools are identified as elements that slow down higher-level processes, tuning them can directly improve the speed of the entire system.

If you want to learn more about our hosting service, feel free to contact Stefano Viani directly.