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Know-How Confirmed: Google Ads Certification Mobile Advertising for Blackbit Sea Experts

Our SEA experts Claas Janssen and Christian Engelmann have successfully passed the Google Ads exam mobile advertising and have now officially proven their know-how in this area.

Google Ads Certificate mobile advertising for Blackbit SEA experts

The certification once again proves the comprehensive competence of our experts and shows that we have mastered the profession of Google Ads also in terms of mobile advertising. Blackbit customers are therefore in the best hands with us when it comes to turning searchers into customers through targeted mobile advertising.

Mobile Rules: Google Ads Mobile Advertising

Half of all search queries on now come from mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly used not only for research, but also for online purchases. The trend continues and in view of this development the topic of mobile advertising has gained enormously in importance for advertisers. When it comes to using mobile advertising for your business success, Blackbit is the right partner for you.

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Written by André Reß on Mar 5, 2019 3:49:00 PM