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AI in Human Resources: Hamburg@work Videocast on Opportunities & Risks

Human Resources is more strongly influenced by the human element than any other area of a company. What added value can emotionless artificial intelligence provide here? Hamburg@work provides answers.

The Hamburg@work Agile HR Club exchanges ideas about artificial intelligence in HR.

Hamburg@work is dedicated to modern, technology-supported HR work in the Agile HR Club. The talk is sure to be of interest to anyone with HR responsibility, as well as managers and employees who want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by AI in good time.

Man vs. Machine?

Cool decisions blind to human concerns, or simply efficient, data-driven HR management? A company stands or falls on successful human resource management. The right decisions can make a big difference; the consequences of wrong decisions are almost impossible to assess. From recruiting and onboarding to salary or dismissal decisions, to payroll and the management of sensitive data - all these areas are resource-intensive. SMBs in particular often lack the capacity to do it all on their own. But technology-based solutions promise help. Today, various software solutions are capable of independently handling individual tasks or sub-processes in the area of HR with the help of AI.

Experts, Opinions and Experiences

In the current Hamburg@work Videocast, experts from business, science and research discuss the current state of research, share their experiences and report on the status quo in their companies - including Blackbit's CEO Stefano Viani. The discussion round provides valuable impulses for the successful and efficient use of AI-based solutions in human resource management. Click here for the videocast.