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Fitstore24: Fit for the run on sporting goods thanks to Pimcore

Fitstore24 easily coped with the huge rush for products related to sports and fitness during the first lockdown: made fit with new functions and a Pimcore system for processing, the sports mail order company in its new design was able to unexpectedly book a large number of orders and easily manage the data volumes that arose.

Whether it was e-bikes or yoga mats, jump ropes or running shoes, everything to do with physical activity was more than in demand in Digital Commerce during the initial closures due to Corona and the period that followed. People were pushing outdoors, devoting themselves to running, cycling, hiking and many other outdoor activities. The appropriate accessories could not be missing. Closed stores led customers in search of information and a wide range of products to the online stores.

Optimized online shopping thanks to Pimcore and redesign

Fitstore24 approached Blackbit with pure sales targets. Thanks to Blackbit, the platform is now even setting the best example in times of accelerated digitization: It is taking its target group a few important steps forward in its search for specific products. After a broad-based online marketing offensive via Google Ads, many new users also quickly became aware of the shopping platform's offering and its modern functionality in up-to-date design.

Next level online shopping

Among the most important new features in the store is an efficient filter that makes individual product searches easier and faster for customers because it leads directly to product categories, brands or individual items they are looking for.

However, for anyone looking for a new bike in times of closed stores, the highlight of the new features was the frame configurator: an innovative tool that uses stride length to determine the individual frame size, and then automatically displays all matching bikes in the company's inventory. A successful innovation that not only replaces a form of expert advice, but also a trip to the store.

Blackbit rounded off the new version of with an info center where customers can find advice on e-bikes, bicycles as well as fitness in order to obtain comprehensive information before making a purchase. A welcome and service-oriented addition that accommodates users when shopping online. Optimization for mobile devices also improved the shopping experience while on the move.

Advantages for operators thanks to Pimcore

Processes following product selection, such as registering and placing orders, generate data, the management of which Blackbit also simplified. Equipped with the powerful PIM system Pimcore, data from the merchandise management system is imported into Pimcore and then fed into the newly set up xt:Commerce store.
All information can now be maintained centrally, the time-consuming manual maintenance of individual data is eliminated, and edited data is automatically transferred from the PIM system to the store system and to the xt:Commerce content manager.

With the PIM system Pimcore, Blackbit not only accelerated and simplified the management of product, customer and order data, but also enriched the company with new forms of work. This is because the web-based platform enables access on the road or completely corona-friendly from the home office.

Stay On the Ball for Top Successes in E-Commerce

Before the game is after the game: Blackbit was even able to exceed the requirements set by Fitstore24 in terms of sales, but is not resting on its laurels. We are already working on new growth strategies for the company and will be happy to report on the next part of this success story.

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