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Interactive infographic supports CRB in acquiring new customers

Asbestos in old floor coverings, adhesives, electrical appliances and many other places in the household – CRB Analyse Service GmbH is an expert in this field and examines materials for asbestos contamination on behalf of its customers.

A big problem: many people do not even know what asbestos can be hidden in all kinds of materials in their households. To create a broader awareness and to draw attention to potential risks when renovating their homes, CRB commissioned us to create an interactive web graphic. With this information graphic, interested parties can easily and quickly obtain an overview of potential sources of danger at home.

We integrated the interactive graphic into CRB's existing Pimcore website in such a way that backend editors can add further information and language versions at any time. Users can navigate through the schematic representation of a residential building and, by clicking on a potential asbestos hiding place, can view extensive information on typical locations, material properties, and analysis options, as well as the associated photos. Besides, there is a practical index in which possible asbestos hiding places are listed in alphabetical order. Thanks to its responsive design, this useful tool can also be operated conveniently via smartphone and tablet.

Interaktive Infografik auf Pimcore-Basis

Another special feature: If asbestos is suspected, website visitors can request the appropriate analysis service directly via the infographic, because the graphic is linked to the CRB online shop. Thus, the infographic not only serves to provide non-experts with intuitive and visually appealing access to the topic of asbestos but also supports CRB in pushing forward interested parties in the customer journey and in winning new customers.

Asbestos infographic on the CRB website

Infografik: Wo ist Asbest im Haus – umgesetzt mit Pimcore

Written by Anett Michael on May 22, 2020 11:18:45 AM