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Free Spirit With Contemporary Flair: Our Design Team Has a New Member

On a large scale as well as on a small one: Marie Elbeshausen's ideas sprout like colorful spring flowers. From elaborate trade fair presentations to powerful image campaigns and delicate illustrations - the trained media designer always has the right design at hand. And the best part? We were able to recruit her for our team in Göttingen!

Marie supports our creative team with designs and illustrations.

After completing her training, Marie first sharpened her eye for design and form at a full-service agency. But soon the desire to focus on brand marketing grew. She was able to implement concepts for brand building and positioning as well as targeted communication strategies, and contemporary corporate designs in a brand and design agency.
However, the longing for home and the attraction to dive into the world of digital commerce finally led the young creative back towards Göttingen - and thus directly to Blackbit. A delicious cappuccino with our CEO may also have contributed to her decision.
Magic elixir or not: Marie brings along a lot of experience and is the perfect addition to our creative team thanks to her know-how in social media marketing. From now on, she will be designing graphics for our customers, putting the finishing touches on animations, and getting everything ready for printing. What can't be missing in the process? A good team spirit! Because as the saying goes: "Teamwork makes the dream work". And we all agree on that.

It is not only in everyday agency life that Marie is curious and bursting with vitality. That's why she spends her weekends out in nature. At the moment, she prefers to go to the Harz Mountains, but hopefully, she will soon be able to cross national borders again. Until then, the iPad is her faithful companion. Because what Marie hasn't seen on the road, she simply adds at home. With her digital pen, she makes every imaginable animal appear in her excursion photos. As if there are no unicorns in the Harz Mountains!