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Know-How on All Levels: Max Brings Martial Arts to the Backend

Highly motivated and always an open ear: Backend developer Maximilian Herrmann strengthens our team with immediate effect and already inspires with his versatility. The backend professional is not only concentrated behind the flickering screen in our agency after a long working day he can also be found in the dojo.
backend pro: Max our newbie at Blackbit
At WingTsun, he practices strategies that are also useful to him at work in the backend: Learning precisely prescribed procedures of the martial art requires a high degree of discipline, which also helps him to keep a cool head on the many levels and paths of the backend.
Systematic and coordinated procedures flow into Max's thought matrix and his broad know-how distinguishes him as a professional who constantly follows the developments, enhancements and changes of digital processes. To the absolute satisfaction of our customers and to the energetic support of our team you can always rely on Max.
In keeping with the times, Max is also an avid gamer. On a lazy Sunday, however, he also likes to wind down with a book or relax while watching a good movie.
With his friendly face and an open ear for everyone, he elicits a smile from everyone at the agency, even in the hectic moments of everyday life.
Max, we celebrate your vigilantly mind! Here we go, together and with promising ideas towards the future!