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New bundle, new functions in Pimcore Reports

The latest Blackbit bundle in the Pimcore Marketplace allows you to access external databases and map the data into your Pimcore reports.

New bundle, new functions in master data management

This new plugin adds another useful feature to your master data management via Pimcore: With the new bundle, you can easily access external databases in Pimcore reports. For this purpose, an additional user-defined report type 'External Database' appears under the 'Individual Reports' section of your Pimcore backend. The feature supports all SQL-based databases supported by PDO. Among them for example:


  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • ODBC
  • and others

Simple query of external databases

Since database providers use different SQL dialects for some SQL functions, this bundle contains a simple text field for entering your SQL query. This allows, for example, the use of LIMIT for MySQL or ROWNUM for Oracle. It also allows you to execute complex statements with sub-selects, unions, etc.
All this is difficult or impossible to do with the standard SQL report adapter that comes with Pimcore.

In combination with the Pimcore Data Director Bundle, it is also possible not only to display data from external databases, but also to import it directly into Pimcore.

All Pimcore versions from 5.4 are compatible with the new bundle. If you are interested, you can obtain it directly from the Pimcore Marketplace or contact