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New Plugin: Tax By Deliverycountry

We react directly to the implementation of the OSS (one stop store) procedure of the German Federal Ministry of Finance on 01 July 2021 with a practical tool that supports you to enable your online business transparent and uncomplicated for your customers.

Blackbits xt:Commerce Plugin Tax By Deliverycountry

The Tax By Deliverycountry plugin allows your customers a clear presentation with correct price calculation, because it immediately applies the applicable VAT rate with the help of the delivery address - even without prior registration of your customers in the store. You maintain the configuration for VAT specifications of individual countries yourself in the store, so that no miscalculations can occur.

The plugin shows up as a dropdown in the top menu bar of your store, but we also offer you an individualized integration of the tool, according to your wishes: For example, as a pop-up window at the beginning with a manual setting option of the delivery country or in combination with our BB Geolocator plugin, which makes an automated selection based on the customer's location.

We recommend this small but sweet tool to all who run a store based on xt:Commerce (version 5.1.4. and below) and processecors of international orders. Meet your customers from abroad with this extra service and offer them daily updated price transparency with this plugin!
Our Tax-By-Deliverycountry plugin is available for you now. Order directly at or simply contact us by phone: +49 (551) 506 75 79.

You want more information? If you have any questions about our new xt:Commerce plugin, Emre Gül will be happy to help you.