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Our new addition to online marketing: Philipp, perseverance in person

Curious and motivated - Philipp's paths are marked by his fascination for the new and his motto "Don't give up!". The perfect prerequisite for meeting the daily challenges in online marketing and always getting the best out of it for our customers.

new colleague at blackbit: philipp, our new online marketing managerPhilipp's curiosity has already taken him to various places: from his Bachelor's degree in Halle to a longer stay in Japan to his Master's degree in Kassel, oh yes - not to forget: a traineeship at a local newspaper from the SDZ Medien Group association in Gmünd and working as an online editor for a news portal in Lower Saxony. Philipp's open attitude opened one door after another for him - most recently it was the door to the Blackbit headquarters, which he now heads for every morning with determination.

With creativity and depth, he dives into the seemingly endless worlds of Google, immerses himself in his work full of drive and thus develops original and accurate marketing campaigns for our clients. Content optimisation in SEO and SEA is Philipp's favourite discipline.

After a long day in the depths of Google Ads, Philipp emerges in the evening to sink straight back into his comic drawings in his spare time. When the adventures of all these worlds are over, he is drawn to the silence of nature. While running through the silent forest, he switches off and recharges his batteries for the next day. This closes the circle, because running a marathon is at the top of Philipp's bucket list! Top prerequisites for starting at Blackbit, because motivation and perseverance pay off when working in the development and support of long-term marketing strategies.

Welcome to Blackbit, Philipp!