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Blackbit grows internationally: Business greetings from Kiev!

View from our Kiev office

Our first international location is growing in Kiev, right in the middle of the vibrant innovation park UNIT.City and in good neighborhood with many international IT and tech companies that are benefiting from the national spirit of awakening in Ukraine.

If growing were so easy, everyone would do it. But international growth in particular is associated with unexpected challenges and new requirements. Business is pressing, but government agencies and authorities are setting the pace, and not just in Germany.

Our one-year intern: a virtuoso at the digital pencil

Welcome Joy!

A woman who knows what she can do and shows who she is

Even as she presents her first drawings, which she fixes on her iPad, it's clear to everyone: this young woman has talent! Our new intern is a true drawing ace! Once again it becomes clear: True ability does not need certificates or over-interpreted degrees! Long live autodidactics.

Expert Vlog: The Blackbit Pimcore Video-Tutorials

We demonstrate what Pimcore Data Director can do in our four-part vlog.

As experts for the open source platform Pimcore, we help with the installation of Pimcore, the configuration of MySQL or MariaDB, the functional extension through PHP programming based on Symfony and the design of templates for the Pimcore CMS. But when it comes to managing documents, images, assets and product information in the PIM, our customers want to work independently without the help of our developers. A recurring requirement is the import and export of data to and from Pimcore objects. With Data Director for Pimcore, this is done quickly and easily, in many cases without writing a line of PHP.

We show the many possibilities of the Pimcore Data Director

Pimcore is a simple yet powerful framework for building digital platforms with an intuitive interface for administrators. Its strengths lie mainly in handling structured data. That's why Pimcore is often used as a PIM and MDM system in e-commerce, but also for digital asset management.

New xt:Commerce plugin for individual vouchers

Let your customers edit individual vouchers

Your customers will thank you: If you don't have the right gift just before the festive season, they'll gladly reach for a voucher. With the new Blackbit plugin, you can now create individual gift certificates.

Christmas is fast approaching and the Corona daily routine leaves hardly any room to find the right gift for your loved ones in time. That's why online shopping is even more the way most people go for their Christmas shopping this year. Open a new, individual possibility for your customers now with the new xt:Commerce plugin from Blackbit.

Blackbit takes Christmas break

Hohoho! Blackbit is on Christmas break.

Hohoho! The holidays are coming and we are treating ourselves to a little contemplative time out to start the new year fresh and refreshed.

The Blackbit team is taking a break from 24.12. to 31.12.2020. From 04.01.2021 we will be back on site to venture new innovations and tackle exciting projects.

Digital Commerce in Gartner's Magic Quadrant

Gartner's Magic Quadrant 2020

2020 is driving online retail sales higher. At the same time, the sector is facing new requirements, which Gartner maps in its Magic Quadrant. With Big Commerce, Shopify and Shopware, Blackbit supports three of the currently most important players.

Gartner regularly analyses the latest developments in various IT markets and publishes its market research findings in an annual report. Gartner's view of the Digital Commerce sector is focused on adaptable and new, technological approaches for efficient customer solutions. A digital commerce platform is defined as the core technology with the specific purpose of making goods and services accessible to customers through an interactive and individually controlled shopping experience.

Cross-media campaign: putting windows in the right light

Catchy texts and a progressive visual language convey our message:

Putting windows in the right light - analog and digital. Strikingly unusual, perhaps even a little provocative. A campaign that sticks. Even if there is no time to linger. Peace, security and thermal protection. In the midst of station hustle and bustle. But not only big and bold, but also small, on the screen. The wish: a cross-media complete package. Effective. Regardless of the format.