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Back in Black:  From student temp to content professional

We welcome a new concept developer and copywriter to the Blackbit team in Göttingen. Paul Vetter is not completely new to us: We met him during his German and Philosophy studies at joint photo shoots. Back then, he assisted our favorite photographer Mirko Plha as an assistant and we were able to borrow his eloquence for one or the other project. 

Paul Vetter is a copywriter and concept developer at Blackbit.

After graduating, Paul gained all kinds of experience as a language and communications trainer, as an editor for official texts, and most recently as a copywriter and concept developer for a large influencer marketing agency in Munich for several years. Just when we were looking for a new writer with conceptual talent, the young family man was drawn back home. Since we had good memories of each other, we were quickly able to win Paul for our team. 

With confident writing and creative thinking, the content professional now supports Blackbit customers with marketing concepts tailored to target groups and always the right words. He finds his balance to everyday office life in sports. After running, weight training or playing basketball, he likes to treat himself to a delicious, healthy meal with his small family.