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New on board: Online Marketing Specialist Rebecca

Langstreckentaugliche Unterstützung im Göttinger Team 

After our power woman in project management and our fresh and mountain-tested trainee copywriter, we are now happy to have another new face in the Blackbit crew.

SEA, SEO, SERP - this is the professional home of Rebecca Schäfer, our young online marketing expert. Rebecca is a true digital native - with the freshest ideas, razor-sharp intuition and her analytical mind. On the prowl for you, she uses clever strategies and her fine intuition to ensure that people pick up your scent online even better in the future - and preferably never leave it.


With her Bachelor's degree in International Business Administration from Enschede in the Netherlands and a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam in Digital Business, the 24-year-old brings a concentrated load of know-how on board.
With a lot of courage and personal strength, Rebecca has not only once been drawn to faraway places: Her semesters abroad at the Pusan National University in South Korea or the University of Economics in Bratislava have amazed us. So we're not surprised that her maxim is "Life is not meant to be lived in one place".
And now she is really taking off professionally with us after her studies - with a lot of energy and a great desire for new things. One thing is for sure: with her talents and experience, she is in exactly the right place in our marketing team.

Even after work, Rebecca's life is varied: besides her passion for travelling and immersing herself in foreign cultures, she dedicates her time to learning new languages, relaxing with a good book, writing blog posts or strengthening her body with a good workout at the gym.

It's great that your path has led you to us, Rebecca! We are excited to see what our future together will bring.