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Rohde tames extensive product data with PIM system and table configurator

Rohde AG supplies industrial companies all over the world with a variety of industrial handles, surface technologies, mechanical processing and pipe connections. Such a wide range of products also means a large amount of different product data for the company, which needs to be maintained for web presence, catalogues etc. For its new website and online catalogue, Rohde therefore wanted a data model that would ensure the structure, order and clarity of the product data and enable simple central maintenance of the data records.


PIM system and table configurator for the Rohde AG website

Multilingualism & Complex Tables

After the analysis of the database, various challenges have arisen for our developers: The website had to be translatable into 13 languages due to the international target group. Another difficulty was the heterogeneous product range of Rohde AG. Only a few products have exactly the same properties. Tables are used for the visualization of selected technical attributes, which are therefore very heterogeneous. Each table requires a different number of columns and rows. At the same time, the responsiveness of the content should be guaranteed - i.e. the optimal display on different screen formats.


The Solution: An Online Product Catalogue With Pimcore

Based on Pimcore, we configured an online product catalog that gets its data from the integrated PIM system. To do this, we first designed the data model and imported the existing data and then cleansed it. With Pimcore it is easy to set up multilingual websites or online shops - with as many language variants as desired.

In order to cope with the very differently structured tables, we have created a table generator. This makes it possible to control exactly how the data should be displayed on the website. Despite the high complexity of the data, the tables can thus be maintained at will.

With the online product catalogue based on Pimcore and our configured table generator, even extensive data sets can be easily maintained in one central location. Even with complex and heterogeneous product ranges, we have succeeded in displaying the data in a structured and tidy way on the respective product pages.

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Written by Anett Michael on Aug 29, 2019 3:49:00 PM