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Excellent! With the Social Media Quality Certificate from the BVDW

How do you keep track of the current tops and flops of the digital world? What is just hype, what is actually purposeful? How does one become an expert in such a fast-moving medium? Clients and agencies alike are finding it increasingly difficult to get a comprehensive picture and correctly assess developments. However, it is now undisputed that platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are indispensable for the external presentation and communication of a company. The Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. (German Digital Industry Association) has been countering this uncertainty since 2004 with its initiative to define industry-wide standards and quality benchmarks, and in the course of this has been offering a quality seal for service providers in the field of social media since 2014.

The BVDW Social Media Seal of Approval: Working methods and competence are tested - Blackbit.

Social media expert and Blackbit Key Account Manager Michael Koch developed the concept and requirements profile as a member of the expert advisory board in cooperation with industry experts and specialists. Service providers who explicitly offer the business area of social media can apply and must prove their professional approach in at least one of the competence fields of social media strategy, social media content & dialogue, social advertising and social media technology. The Social Media Quality Certificate is beneficial for all parties involved: agencies can prove themselves as professional experts, guarantee higher quality and signal transparency and customer orientation with the independent seal. For companies and potential clients, it in turn facilitates the search for a trustworthy agency, they can assume a serious and competent way of working and expect a high-quality result.

The Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft has been the most important representative of the industry's interests and a link to politics and business since 1995. Its interdisciplinary orientation enables an intensive exchange between companies, agencies and industry experts with the aim of making digital offerings and developments transparent. The BVDW has set itself the task of bundling and systematising know-how and offering reference frameworks in order to be able to use digital trends sustainably for the German economy. In addition to the Social Media Quality Certificate, the BVDW also offers certifications in the areas of Affiliate Marketing, SEA, SEO and Trusted Agency.