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Überbrückungshilfe III - the state sponsors your digitization

Since February 10, 2021, you as an entrepreneur can apply for the so-called Überbrückungshilfe III. Among other things, investments in advertising and marketing are eligible for reimbursement. What you need to know now:

To support the economy in times of Corona, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as well as the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Ministry of the Interior for Construction and Home Affairs provide a new possibility of financial support. Since the afternoon of February 10, 2021, you as an entrepreneur can apply for your application for the government support of a maximum of € 1.5 million per month.

Apply for Überbrückungshilfe III for your marketing and advertising costs.

Up to €1.5 million in funding - also for digitization.

You submit your application online via a standardized nationwide platform. The support is intended in particular for companies that have been affected by the Corona pandemic and the current partial shutdown and are in need of economic support. According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, considerable improvements have already been made to Überbrückungshilfe III: it will be easier to submit an application, subsidies are more generous and are open to a wider range of companies. Special consideration is being given to the needs of the struggling retail sector. In addition, budding entrepreneurs will receive more support when starting their own business.

Eligible business expenses are documented in a fixed list and include rents, property taxes, insurance, subscriptions and other fixed costs, as well as rental costs for vehicles and machinery, interest expenses, the financing cost portions of leasing installments, expenses for electricity, water, heating, structural measures to implement hygiene concepts and much more. Above all, however, agency costs, costs for marketing, communication as well as for digitization measures are subsidized.

The state pays for your digitization.

This means that investments for starting your business in online retailing are also eligible. For expenses that go into digitization, i.e., setting up or optimizing your online store, up to €20,000 can be recognized as an eligible one-time investment, for example. This also covers marketing and advertising costs incurred for this - here, however, the upper limit for reimbursable costs is the amount you spent on corresponding services and agency services in 2019. Eligible investments are your investments in:

  • Design and programming of your website,
  • Setting up an online store,
  • Social Media Management and
  • Design as well as production of flyers, posters etc.

You can submit your application until August 31, 2021. Take advantage of this start-up aid and benefit from the funding now. Get started in e-commerce, which is still growing rapidly, or strengthen your position on the market. We will take you by the hand as you take the step into digitization and will be happy to advise you on questions relating to target-oriented optimization of your store, growth-oriented online marketing and classic advertising for your company.

Detailed information on funding opportunities and authorizations is provided by the federal ministries - we will give you precise information on your options for entering digital commerce and sensible optimization options. Talk to us about it now!