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On and On: PHP Backend Developer Behrouz Joins Our Team

Behrouz supports our team in Berlin as a backend developer.
For a few weeks now, Behrouz Heidarzadeh has been stirring up our office in the heart of Berlin - digitally only, of course! Having just moved to the Spree metropolis with his family, the trained application developer became aware of one of our job advertisements in the fall. Blackbit was able to convince with an interesting company history and a great job offer, Behrouz scored with a lot of professional experience and an exciting resume.

Relevance Pays Off: The Nuts and Bolts of SEA and SEO

With Blackbit you will be found - thanks to SEA and SEO service.

When we search for something – whether information, service or product– we use Google. The search engine not only knows our search terms, but also knows better and better what we actually want to find.

The direction of the flow of information in advertising has changed fundamentally. Fewer and fewer people watch TV and are reached by TV advertising that supposedly has a wide reach. Fewer and fewer are turning onto this communicative one-way street. Instead, people are surfing online in search of specific information.

#DDA21 – The essential thing is to be there!

The #DDA21 was an inspiring show-off of the digital industry

We followed the live broadcast of the award ceremony of the coveted Digital Award with great excitement and congratulate all the deserving winners.

For more than seven years, the DDA has been considered one of the most important awards for outstanding digital creations. This year again, achievements of special creativity and innovation in the digital economy were honoured with the award.

Blackbit x Viani: Nomination for German Digital Award 2021

Deutscher Digital Award 2021 - Blackbit is on the shortlist!

It's getting exciting! With one of our most ambitious projects, we are currently on the shortlist for the Digital Award 2021 in the Visual Design category.

After Blackbit already received the Shop Usability Award 2016 as "Most Innovative Shop" for the Viani website in 2016, a lot has happened. Technical innovations, new trends and developments in e-commerce and in the food industry, and last but not least COVID-19 have had an enormous impact on online retail and generated unexpectedly high growth rates.

Helping helpers: Blackbit supports the Rückenwind project

Blackbit provides the digital infrastructure for the Project Rückenwind.

The Rückenwind project stands by students who have lost touch in class due to the Corona pandemic. As one of the project's sponsors, Blackbit is particularly proud of their successes.

Prolonged school closures, new forms of instruction and a lack of digital infrastructure did not make it easy for many learners during the Corona pandemic. Home schooling by parents, some of whom work full time, and new forms of digital and self-directed learning left gaps in knowledge and exacerbated already existing inequalities among students. The Rückenwind project is doing something to counteract this.

Überbrückungshilfe III - the state sponsors your digitization

Apply for Überbrückungshilfe III for your marketing and advertising costs.

Since February 10, 2021, you as an entrepreneur can apply for the so-called Überbrückungshilfe III. Among other things, investments in advertising and marketing are eligible for reimbursement. What you need to know now:

To support the economy in times of Corona, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as well as the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Ministry of the Interior for Construction and Home Affairs provide a new possibility of financial support. Since the afternoon of February 10, 2021, you as an entrepreneur can apply for your application for the government support of a maximum of € 1.5 million per month.