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Pimcore X takes off!

Pimcore X is here - the most important facts about the new version

On May 11, Pimcore X was released: The new version offers increased performance and new features for efficient collaboration on product data, digital assets and other content.

The long-awaited release of Pimcore X is finally here! The most important news right away: Technologically, the framework has been put on a new, faster footing with the help of the Pimcore community. Pimcore X is more powerful and leaner than all previous versions. The developers achieved this with Symfony 5, PHP 8 and ExtJS 7. As the world's leading PHP framework, Symfony offers the best prerequisites for efficient developments based on Pimcore. This makes the developers in house happy!

E-commerce goes D2C: the trend of direct sales

Big brands are pioneers in D2C marketing

Covid-19 had an impact on pretty much all areas of society and unexpectedly made 2020 a record year for online retail. What developments will shape e-commerce in 2021?

One of the big buzzwords in the current year is D2C - Direct to Customer. It describes a development that some big brands already initiated years ago: More and more well-known manufacturers are skipping the trade and marketing their products directly to fans and friends of their goods.

Überbrückungshilfe III - the state sponsors your digitization

Apply for Überbrückungshilfe III for your marketing and advertising costs.

Since February 10, 2021, you as an entrepreneur can apply for the so-called Überbrückungshilfe III. Among other things, investments in advertising and marketing are eligible for reimbursement. What you need to know now:

To support the economy in times of Corona, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as well as the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Ministry of the Interior for Construction and Home Affairs provide a new possibility of financial support. Since the afternoon of February 10, 2021, you as an entrepreneur can apply for your application for the government support of a maximum of € 1.5 million per month.