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Blackbit at the Talent Festival 2019 - in search of new talents

Blackbit presents itself as an employer at the Talent Festival 2019

On 13 November, Emre Gül and Alexander Bretfeld from our office in the capital city went to the halls of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute at Salzufer Berlin in search of reinforcements for our team. After companies from the games and film/TV industries had presented themselves the day before, various companies from the advertising and digital industries were now allowed to present themselves at the Talent Festival of the media:net berlinbrandenburg network.

Video ads: How to use YouTube for your business success

Learn how YouTube advertising can contribute to your business success.

Advertising on YouTube? Most people are probably aware by now that YouTube offers more than just cute panda videos. However, the video platform is still hardly perceived as an attractive advertising medium. Unjustly, we think. That's why we have developed YouTube as an additional communication channel for our client CRB Analyse GmbH and provide an insight into the most important aspects of YouTube advertising here.

The impact chain for successful e-commerce

Do you have the right skills for successful e-commerce

The opposite of failure

In order to be successful, goals must first be clearly defined, because those who wander aimlessly cannot be successful either. Smart goals are a promise for sustainable success: Specific and clearly defined. Measurable in facts and figures. Appropriate and accepted. Realistic and timed. In the end, success means that all efforts have paid off. But how do you sail on a course for gold and become an e-commerce champion?

How brands stay fit for the future in e-commerce

Impressions from eRetail Europe


How do brands come alive with the help of multichannel touchpoints? Being and remaining fit for the future - that was the topic at eRetail Europe in Amsterdam, which our Managing Director Stefano Viani visited in September. Stephan Mader, Digital Retail and E-Commerce Consultant at the LEGO Group, opened this year's eRetail Europe in Amsterdam and made a lasting impression with his opening keynote.

The criteria for successful online shops

Blackbit UsabilityAward Pimcore Viani

Shop Usability Award 2016 as "Most Innovative Shop" goes to

Originality, reliability or attractiveness - what makes a successful online shop? Which criteria are important and which technology is necessary if you want to inspire customers and retain them in the long term? Last week, the Shop Usability Award 2016 selected the best online shops in Germany. The webshop, which we redesigned in cooperation with the brand agency moodley, scored points in the category "Most Innovative Shop".

4 beginner marketing tips for online traders

Marketing tricks for beginners: How to market your online shop better - Blackbit

Your shop is finished and has gone online. Especially in the first few months, it is important to encourage potential customers to visit and, at best, to buy. Good online marketing does not have to be expensive. You and your employees can also take care of it yourself, as long as your time budget allows. Our tips for beginners show that the first steps are not complicated.

Three simple steps to a successful product presentation

With attractive layout, good photographs and informative descriptions for successful product presentation - Blackbit

The way you display products in your online store has a big impact on your customers' shopping experience. It's not just the product photographs themselves that are important to the look. How you integrate the photos and product descriptions into the overall look of your website, or the layout of your product presentation, can also greatly influence your customers' shopping behavior.