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Organized like Spotify: How We Use Agile Methods to Keep Customers and Employees Happy

Written by Anett Michael on Jun 16, 2020 3:44:44 PM
  • How can we, as a company, adapt flexibly to changing requirements and order volumes?
  • As a growing company in a rapidly changing business, how do we ensure efficient work, good communication, and knowledge exchange?

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Online and Offline in the Fast Lane: Bikeleasing Service Celebrates Successful Business Year

Written by Anett Michael on Jun 9, 2020 10:43:05 AM

Cycling to work in a sustainable, stress-free and healthy way - the Dienstrad concept is becoming increasingly popular. Our partner and customer Bikeleasing-Service GmbH & Co KG also benefits from this trend. The provider from Uslar has greatly expanded its team this year and has been able to make a name for itself as one of the top providers of bicycle leasing with its reliable service and attractive conditions for bicycle dealers, companies and employees.

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We Are Growing - Now Also Internationally!

Written by Lisa Kleffner on Jun 9, 2020 8:21:04 AM

"The shortage of IT experts has long since affected not only the IT industry, but the entire economy as well as administration, authorities and science", explained Bitkom President Achim Berg in the Handelsblatt vom 28.11.2019. Every vacant position costs sales, burdens the ability to innovate and slows down the digital transformation.

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Our First Site Manager in Kiev

Written by Lisa Kleffner on Jun 8, 2020 9:52:17 AM

In January 2020, we were able to recruit a location manager with extensive know-how for our first branch in Kiev: Alexander Strizhakov is the head of our staff in Kiev, he coordinates the expansion of the team and manages it. The Ukrainian draws on his many years of experience as a client advisor and risk manager. With his "nothing is impossible" attitude, problem solving is his main focus. Alexander makes sure that the work processes are correct and trouble-free.

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Further Growth in Frontend Development

Written by Lisa Kleffner on Jun 8, 2020 9:34:52 AM

We are pleased to welcome another addition to our new development team in Kiev: Yaroslav Sayenko will be responsible for our German and international customers in the future and will be dedicated to the development of sophisticated web applications. The developer has two and a half years of professional experience and skills in jQuery, CSS and HTML. His greatest passion is Single-Page-Applications like Vue.js and React.js.

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New Power in the Project Management Team

Written by Matthias Föckeler on May 15, 2020 12:29:24 PM

Gabi Hebenstreit is the new power woman at the Blackbits and supports the project management team with heart and mind since April 2020 - by the way, a women's bastion in our house! #powerwomen

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Another Addition to the Social Media & Content Team

Written by Anett Michael on Nov 27, 2019 11:12:00 AM

Matthias Föckeler is trainee number two and since mid-November one of the chicks in the team. Whereby: At 34 years of age no longer quite a chick, the self-proclaimed all-rounder brings with him very different professional experiences: Whether as journalist or Texter for different on-line formats within the nourishing range, its love for the language accompanies the studied sport and nourishing scientist already its whole life. To make complicated understandable, is thereby one of its favourite tasks. In a charming way, he also garnishes dry topics with the necessary spice.

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New Addition to the Text & Social Media Division

Written by Anett Michael on Nov 21, 2019 11:21:00 AM

Lisa Kleffner is not really new at Blackbit: In 2007, the native of Eichsfeld already completed an internship in our agency. 12 years and a master's degree later, she now joins our team and starts at Blackbit as a trainee in the area of social media, text and content. Her interest in learning new things in a focused way will also enrich Blackbit clients in the future. Text-safe she maintains the social media presence of our clients and develops ideas for representation by means of image, text and video formats.

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"Dickes B, oben an der Spree"

Written by Lisa Kleffner on Nov 20, 2019 1:23:00 PM

"In summer you do well and in winter it hurts [...]". And although summer is already over, the Blackbits have dared to make Berlin unsafe in winter. After an entertaining bus or train ride and a lunch together, the Blackbit team tried to keep Berlin's traffic on track: