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xt:Commerce Case Study: The Hofmeister Success Story

Now Online: Store and products benefit from the appealing new design for Hofmeister

Sustainability in e-commerce: Blackbit pushes the business of the traditional and high value retailer for wooden goods with optimizations of the xt:Commerce store.

As a company with history, Hofmeister is aware of its ecological as well as social responsibility. The wholesaler and importer stands for sustainability and lives up to its social and ecological obligations: production from renewable raw materials, manufacturing in small, regional companies or family workshops, short supply chains and climate-neutral as well as plastic-free shipping - truly lived, strong values that Hofmeister can be proud of! Hofmeister therefore wanted to communicate its convincing philosophy more clearly to the outside world. Blackbit tackled this task and implemented technical and visual optimizations of the Hofmeister online store in three successive steps.

Datadog - a trusty friend in hosting

Datadog monitoring is included in Blackbit hosting service

Datadog bundles the monitoring and performance analysis of various cloud applications in one platform. Find out here why Blackbit is integrating the service into its hosting offering in the future.

The French service provider Datadog specializes in companies whose business is based on complex cloud applications. The software company uses its software solution to monitor subsystems such as servers, databases, tools and other services in real time. Causes and interactions of simple, but also highly complex, system malfunctions are more easily identified and specifically remedied with the help of the Datadog dashboard.

New xt:Commerce plugin for individual vouchers

Let your customers edit individual vouchers

Your customers will thank you: If you don't have the right gift just before the festive season, they'll gladly reach for a voucher. With the new Blackbit plugin, you can now create individual gift certificates.

Christmas is fast approaching and the Corona daily routine leaves hardly any room to find the right gift for your loved ones in time. That's why online shopping is even more the way most people go for their Christmas shopping this year. Open a new, individual possibility for your customers now with the new xt:Commerce plugin from Blackbit.

Digital Commerce in Gartner's Magic Quadrant

Gartner's Magic Quadrant 2020

2020 is driving online retail sales higher. At the same time, the sector is facing new requirements, which Gartner maps in its Magic Quadrant. With Big Commerce, Shopify and Shopware, Blackbit supports three of the currently most important players.

Gartner regularly analyses the latest developments in various IT markets and publishes its market research findings in an annual report. Gartner's view of the Digital Commerce sector is focused on adaptable and new, technological approaches for efficient customer solutions. A digital commerce platform is defined as the core technology with the specific purpose of making goods and services accessible to customers through an interactive and individually controlled shopping experience.