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Blackbits Agility Barcamp 2021 - Agile Vision Sharpening

Blackbits Agility Barcamp 2021

As an agilely organised, constantly growing digital agency, it is invaluable to adjust to new requirements in the team from time to time and to check our structures for optimisation possibilities. At our digital agility barcamp on 19 November, we therefore presented, analysed and discussed together.

On and On: PHP Backend Developer Behrouz Joins Our Team

Behrouz supports our team in Berlin as a backend developer.
For a few weeks now, Behrouz Heidarzadeh has been stirring up our office in the heart of Berlin - digitally only, of course! Having just moved to the Spree metropolis with his family, the trained application developer became aware of one of our job advertisements in the fall. Blackbit was able to convince with an interesting company history and a great job offer, Behrouz scored with a lot of professional experience and an exciting resume.