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On and On: PHP Backend Developer Behrouz Joins Our Team

Behrouz supports our team in Berlin as a backend developer.
For a few weeks now, Behrouz Heidarzadeh has been stirring up our office in the heart of Berlin - digitally only, of course! Having just moved to the Spree metropolis with his family, the trained application developer became aware of one of our job advertisements in the fall. Blackbit was able to convince with an interesting company history and a great job offer, Behrouz scored with a lot of professional experience and an exciting resume.

Blackbit grows internationally: Business greetings from Kiev!

View from our Kiev office

Our first international location is growing in Kiev, right in the middle of the vibrant innovation park UNIT.City and in good neighborhood with many international IT and tech companies that are benefiting from the national spirit of awakening in Ukraine.

If growing were so easy, everyone would do it. But international growth in particular is associated with unexpected challenges and new requirements. Business is pressing, but government agencies and authorities are setting the pace, and not just in Germany.

Our one-year intern: a virtuoso at the digital pencil

Welcome Joy!

A woman who knows what she can do and shows who she is

Even as she presents her first drawings, which she fixes on her iPad, it's clear to everyone: this young woman has talent! Our new intern is a true drawing ace! Once again it becomes clear: True ability does not need certificates or over-interpreted degrees! Long live autodidactics.

Blackbit takes Christmas break

Hohoho! Blackbit is on Christmas break.

Hohoho! The holidays are coming and we are treating ourselves to a little contemplative time out to start the new year fresh and refreshed.

The Blackbit team is taking a break from 24.12. to 31.12.2020. From 04.01.2021 we will be back on site to venture new innovations and tackle exciting projects.

New game, familiar face

Welcome back in the game, Luisa!

A fresh breeze in the Hamburg office

Corona crisis? That's no reason for us to bury our heads in the sand. It would be even nicer if we let ourselves be intimidated by it. Right now, we are stepping up our game: Our agency in Hamburg has had an offspring! Finally, the northerners have a trainee in their team. It's about time, after the Göttingen team made a good showing last year.