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The Most Valuable Pimconaut 2019 Works at Blackbit

At this years Pimcore Inspire Conference in Salzburg our developer Jan Walther was awarded as Most Valuable Pimconaut of the Year 2019. With this award he is honored for his special engagement in the Pimcore community: Of the more than 200 developers who already work regularly on the open source project, Jan Walther has submitted the most and most influential GitHub contributions to Pimcore.

Blackbit developer Jan Walther is Most Valuable Pimconaut of the Year 2019

"Blackbit is the most exemplary agency when it comes to working together on GitHub", Bernhard Rusch (CTO of Pimcore and main responsible for the Pimcore GitHub repository) praised us. Among other things, it was appreciated that we submit core changes by pull request and ensure updatable, reusable, scalable solutions.

our excellent developer in an interview with Pimcore.

reveals how great commitment in the open source community and everyday agency work go together At the Partner Conference we of course also informed ourselves about current developments at Pimcore. Here is an overview of the most important news:


The Data Hub Plugin grows

Pimcore is currently working massively on its Data Hub Plugin. With this plugin you can create (GraphQL-)APIs via GUI without writing one line of code. At the moment, this is only possible for the data of data objects, soon it will be possible for documents and assets as well. The backend effort for API-based applications such as single page apps (VueJs, React etc.) but also for imports and exports from and to other systems can be reduced enormously. More information about the Data Hub can be found in this Pimcore blog post.

More artificial intelligence in Pimcore

pimcore-award-2019-3In the medium term, artificial intelligence should find its way into Pimcore. There is a huge potential here: Planned functions are, for example, optimal pricing of products, automatic text creation or tips for improving the quality of object data. A first feature to automatically tag images based on other already tagged images is already implemented (Link to GitHub project Image Tagging).

Companies are increasingly investing in the integration of digital experience platforms with other systems

At the Pimcore Partner Conference analysts from Gardner and Forrester spoke about current trends and developments in the areas of Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM) and Data Experience Platform (DXP). In their view, from about 2021 onwards, 85% of all investments in DXP projects will flow into integrations with other systems. Around 90% of large companies would then be dependent on system integrators (agencies).

Agencies must therefore offer functionally rich, reusable solutions in order to implement customer requirements. Blackbit is already very well positioned here with the Import-Bundle: Due to changing and growing customer requirements, we have continuously developed our plugin for data import into Pimcore over the past years. Thus a powerful tool has been developed that allows high-performance, automated imports, can be individually adapted to data sources and the respective Pimcore data model and minimizes the programming effort.

Written by Anett Michael on Feb 28, 2020 1:36:21 PM