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Virtual Fair: Win and Inspire Customers

Expresso Virtuelle Messe

How Companies Take New Paths in the Crisis

Extraordinary circumstances require new ideas and a change of direction. Clearly, this is a new case for Team Blackbit!

But before we reveal the solution, let's take a look at the initial situation:

The year 2020 is Corona. No, unfortunately, as we all know, this has nothing to do with the sun. We are talking about Covid-19, the virus that is making life very difficult and full of privation for all of us right now. Social life is now almost exclusively digital and the economy is also groaning under this burden. But spring is actually the time for trade fairs and product presentations - unfortunately everything is put on hold for the time being. But, what was it like again with the dog that doesn't find its way to the bone? Exactly: The bone came to the dog! This thought gave rise to the idea of simply bringing the trade fair to the people. Exhibitors and visitors meet at a digital trade fair stand: accessible to everyone, no matter where he or she is.

The Living Room Fair

No sooner said than done, and so we created a virtual trade fair presence together with our customer EXPRESSO from Kassel within only two weeks, with a lot of passion: In the first step, the complete trade fair stand was set up in the sacred halls of the legendary sack truck producer. When all the technical consultants were there, Holger Möller from Zollhaus-Marketing interviewed and filmed each of them, and had them present the product highlights from the field of mobile lifting aids and logistics. In this way the trade fair atmosphere was perfectly captured on video.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-19 um 09.56.56

With these specially designed and realised short films, the virtual visitor can now easily gain a detailed impression of the products. Via the implemented info button, there is the possibility to be led directly to the respective product page, which we have also newly developed: In a modern and fresh design, all important technical information has been prepared in a clear and concise manner - and anyone who wants to can also download and print it out as a PDF brochure.

Of course, a virtual trade fair can never completely replace the real impression, but - as mentioned at the beginning - exceptional circumstances demand new ideas. We are certain: In these difficult times, the virtual trade fair is an optimal, unerring and service-oriented alternative for companies to remain in contact with their target group and to present new products authentically.

Further Topics in the Brand Shop

In the course of the redesign, we were also allowed to look at other areas of EXPRESSO's brand shop: The "Lifts" section, which was previously conceived as a pure shop, was converted by us into a complete theme world.

First, we added a filter function to the product portfolio, in order to provide an even more convenient shop experience for potential customers. The Theme World overview page shines in a modern tile design, which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also gives a visual indication of the information behind it.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-19 um 10.14.04

The video header also provides an additional visual stimulus and gives the site visitor an exciting insight into the company's product diversity at first glance.

Not Only Accessible, but Also Approachable

In order to make it even easier and more intuitive for interested parties to contact us in the future, it is now possible to find their personal advisor with just one click. The sales representatives are sorted by postcode areas and thanks to a friendly photo, the caller now also knows who he is dealing with on the phone. Using the integrated contact form, it is first possible to get in touch digitally and ask for a call back.

In the end, we are really proud of what we were able to implement for our customer in such a short time! Changed circumstances not only demand new ideas, but also mobilise undreamt-of creative abilities. Our customer EXPRESSO is delighted, and the feedback from the first virtual trade fair visitors was very good.

René Clobes, Digital Marketing Manager at EXPRESSO, managed the project from planning and content creation to acceptance. His conclusion: "You can only implement such time-critical projects with a well-coordinated team that can really identify with your company and your products. These prerequisites are always given with Blackbit's colleagues. It was a pleasure to see one cog in the other - and only in this way was this incredible precision landing possible at all".

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Written by Matthias Föckeler on May 19, 2020 10:44:40 AM